Springtime Tips

Hi everybody! I hope you’re doing well. Today I thought I’d make some tips on how to stay healthy and looking good in Spring.

My first tip is to drink water. I know you will have heard this a million times before but honestly, it is so important. When I was younger I had super dry skin and always thought that I looked so much worse than all my friends, so I started to do some research on how models and celebrities always keep their skin so clear and glowing. Every website I visited emphasised that water is the key to good skin. I then went from drinking around 500mls of water a day to 2 litres and the change in my skin was astounding! I no longer had big patches of dry skin on my cheeks and suddenly my confidence boosted hugely. As well as helping your skin, water makes you feel a lot better during the day. Since I’ve been drinking a more water each day I feel so full of energy. So definitely try to drink more water every day.

My second tip would be to find a skincare routine for mornings and night that works for you. Everybody has different skin so I can’t recommend any specific products for you but Mario Badescu and Pixi Beauty are two brands that I use and have never found any faults with. It is crucial that you keep up with your routine because I find that if I ever miss a day of mine, my skin starts to get slightly red and dry so I try to stay consistent with it. I would also recommend using a face mask at least once a week, I use a liquid face mask every Tuesday and a sheet mask every Friday which really helps to keep my skin hydrated and gives me a glowing look. Anatomicals and TonyMoly both do really amazing face masks with different varieties for all skin types so I would definitely try them out if you’re looking for masks to use.

My third, and final, tip would be to get plenty of sleep. Again, this will be a tip that you’ve probably been told countless times but I can’t stress to you enough how important it is. With all the modern technology that we use all day every day, it’s important to give our skin that much-needed rest from bright lights and screens that it truly deserves. I try to get 8 hours of sleep every night so I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to have a productive day.

Thank you for reading my blog today, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and found it helpful. If you have any suggestions for my next post please leave a comment down below!


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